Friday, June 27, 2014

Venus Williams on ESPN: "There's no manual!"

Thanks to Amy for alerting me to the interview given recently by sjoggie Venus Williams to ESPN. Follow this link to the video and written story.

It was filmed on a shoot for ESPN magazine's The Body Issue and yes, there is some footage included in which Venus is shown in the nude -- with legs and arms strategically placed of course. I agree with Amy's comment: "OK, so some of the shots that they used are from her photo shoot and show a LOT of skin. Honestly, they don't show any more skin than Sports Illustrated."

What's far more important than the amount of skin Venus bares is the amount of candor she employs when discussing the enormous toll that Sjogren's syndrome has taken on her life. And what does Venus identify as the biggest problem for her? FATIGUE. "I was so tired......It was a major workout just sitting in a chair!.....The worst is when you're laying in bed and you can't get up."

And my favorite: "There's no manual. No one says, Alright, now this is what you should do."

Isn't that the truth.

Venus goes on to make a realistic assessment of the challenges that she's faced as well as emphasizing that her glass is still half full. That she can still be involved in what she loves to do.

It's an excellent interview. Check it out -- and be prepared to be inspired.


Anonymous said...

Wow that was a great interview! I don't understand how she can even play tennis! let alone at that level. She is very inspiring, but I have to be careful not to compare myself to her too much. She is much younger than I am, and she was a professional athlete. I have probably never really been in shape my whole life, and it certainly is no better after Sjogren's. But I think I have been using Sjogren's as an excuse, maybe a little too much!

Tricia said...

Wow! I really enjoyed this article. She has inspired me to take all of my health issues as challenges. I'm not Venus for sure with her determination and drive. But I love the way she tries to be creative to figure out ways to succeed even with her challenges.