Thursday, June 26, 2014

Super Hydrating Nixie is Raising Awareness Yet Again!

I want to thank Amy, author of the Falling With Grace blog, for several things.

What a gal.

First off, she and the other members of the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Dallas/Fort Worth support group participated in this years SSF Walkabout, which in and of itself is a great thing. But to add to the awesomeness of their activities, they also dressed up in NIXIE COSTUMES!! Brilliant!

You may recall that Amy and her son Cole created Super Hydrating Nixie the water sprite as a fabulous mascot for sjoggies everywhere.

Secondly, Amy sent pictures of the event. Check them out decked out in all their awesomeness:

Third, she is sending one of their Nixie shirts to me! Woo hoo!

Fourth, (Yes. I have lots to thank Amy for today.) she sent me the link to sjoggie Venus Williams' interview with ESPN. More about this in an upcoming post.

And finally, Amy shared the news that her kitty cat Bridget turned out to be "Bob" and their other kitty Jupiter became a teenage mommy as a result. And attached a heart-melting youTube of unbelievable kitten adorableness.

So thanks, Amy. You made my day. I wonder if it's possible to wear out a youTube video by watching too many times......


Anonymous said...

I want to thank Amy for her activism and for all she has done! And because I kind of rely on Julia's blog as my Sjs lifeline, thanks for taking care of Julia too!

Amy Junod said...

For readers in the Dallas area, I have a few wonderfully loving, fully litter trained and socialized kittens- free to a loving home. Mommy and Daddy might have been a handful but they both turned out to be awesome parents.
Thanks Julia!