Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sugar Substitute

I don't know about you, but on low energy days I crave stuff. Sugary, buttery, baked stuff. I try to blame this on my prednisone but it seems that on good days I can pass up dessert-y type foods without a blink of an eye.

Then there's those days when I feel that I only have barely enough energy to get by. Just enough to dress, just enough to scroll through the day's news on my computer, just enough to roll back into bed for naps that last for two days.

Yesterday was one of those days and true to form, as I was prone on the couch wrapped in my zebra plush blankie, the craving hit. But I didn't have anything in the house that would seem to fit the bill. I didn't have the energy to actually bake something much less get into the car to go buy baklava.

Yes. Baklava. I have no idea why baklava. That's just the way these weirdo little episodes go.

So I laid there and wondered how I could recreate the effect of baklava, without baking baklava, or buying baklava. Or calling someone to bring me baklava. Hm. Pastry. Honey. Almonds.....nah, who needs the almonds...... For me, it was all about the pastry and honey.

So I shuffled over to the pantry and came up with this.

Saltine. Butter. Honey. Brilliant.


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ShEiLa said...

I can see the danger in quick fix substitutes... Especially if they are in plentiful supply.

I think for over a week I was functioning with adrenaline.... Now that the crisis is over. I am in total crash mode. Minimal functionality. I was falling asleep sitting up on the couch before 5pm last night.... My hubby said 'maybe you should go to bed' . So I did and slept clear until 7pm and got up medicated myself and right back to bed I went.

I guess emotional stress is more exhausting than I imagined. (Hubby had his second brain surgery this year... emergency craniotomy for a brain bleed on June 17th.... I hope I can get back on top again.