Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sjogren's World: Auto Antibodies

We all know that autoimmune disease creates autoantibodies, but did you ever wonder which autoantibodies are usually associated with various diseases? Check out this graph, found on Sjogren's World Forum in The Path to Diagnosis section. 

Source: This chart is an adaptation from The Principles and Practice of Medicine, 23rd ed. Originally published by Appleton & Lange, 1996; per Sjogren's World Forum.

I found this interesting although since it was created in 1996, I am wondering if it is still considered accurate, and I'll bet that many other auto antibodies have been identified since then, specifically auto antibodies to SP-1, PSP and CA6, for example.

 The graph is an interesting starting point for understanding the complexity of auto antibodies. You can read more about the basics of Sjogren's diagnosis on Sjogren's World Forum here.

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