Saturday, January 11, 2014

Candy the Cane: A Pain That Takes Away Pain

Well, she's back. My friend, Candy the cane. You can read more about this diva fussbudget but essential accessory by clicking this and this. One of the reasons that she's been taken out of retirement (tucked away behind all of my scarves in my closet) is my trochanteric bursitis.

Another is that Candy really stabilizes me when I'm wobbling around as a result of my BPPV, the symptoms of which come and go.

I wish it would just get it over with and GO. Dumb stupid BPPV and bursitis.

Ah, well.

I also wish that I had dug Candy out from behind that junk stack of finery sooner, because it really is an amazing thing to be able to walk around with significantly less pain AND unsteadiness. I have to admit that my pride kept me from rummaging around in that disastrous corner of my closet.

But I know that with a couple weeks of regular use, meaning even around the house, Candy will be a temporary companion. But don't tell HER that.

You know how she is.

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ShEiLa said...

Dizziness and bursitis are both pains… having both at once… should be against the law. My hubby's neurological symptoms produce dizziness quite often… we are still trying to get to the root of those issues. 7 months and 3 MRI/MRA's later… also Cisternography and several CT Scans. 2 Neurologists and a Neuro surgeon… now getting a second surgeon opinion. I think WE need a patient advocate. This process has taken way too long.

Get feeling better soon Miss Julia… I can relate to the whole trochanteric bursitis thing… I have had painful bouts with that.