Friday, January 10, 2014

My Green Eyed Guy

See that? It's my guitar. Notice how shiny and new and um.....unused it looks? Yeah. Well, there's a reason for that.

John loves to play his guitar. He's a bit rusty, at least he says he is, but his fingers are so nimble on those frets. He's had this acoustic Fender longer than he has had me. We were dating when he pulled out his guitar and played "Brown Eyed Girl" for me. I was hopelessly hooked. Smart man.

So last night, we decided to hang out in the Bearded Dog pub upstairs and plunk away on our guitars. It didn't take John long before he was strumming away. But I could not for the life of me remember how to play even one chord.

I suppose I should be truthful here and say that my skills on said guitar have never ever been good. But whatever teensy bit of ability I had is totally gone. John patiently placed my fingers in the correct cord progressions over and over.....but good grief.

I think my fingers just don't bend the way they used to. As a matter of fact, I KNOW they don't. After just a few minutes, every joint in my left hand was aching and sore. My poor guitar went back into it's case. And that's that.

I will just have to be content to sing along.

With this.


annie said...

Ah, the classics!

Melody said...

That happened to me and the piano. I used to work as an accompanist for high school choirs then when I started teaching elementary music full time I accompanied our elementary honor choir. I had to stop because sitting on the piano bench became extremely painful, my rheumatologist called it "sacroiliac abnormalities." My chiropractor said I just needed an adjustment. Whatever, it HURT! So I stopped accompanying. This was at the beginning of being diagnosed when no one really knew what was wrong. Actually I stopped playing period - exhaustion, constantly being ill over the past few years, in the hospital with pneumonia, recovering all summer...lots of things went by the wayside.
A few weeks ago I was feeling so much better and sat down to play the piano again and my fingers just wouldn't obey! It was so discouraging. I keep telling myself that when I retire and have time to practice again I'll get myself back to where I used to be. Retirement is still several years away though. In the meantime, I really miss it!

Unknown said...

That just gave me shivers! lol I have such bad Neuropathy in hands and feet from Sjogrens, and the more I touch/stand, the more pain I'm in. Just thinking about strumming on a guitar is painful! I have my great grandfathers old fiddle that I've said for years that I want to learn how to play, but there is no chance of that now. I will just have to keeping dreaming!