Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are You Kidding Me, Walgreens??

THIS has got to be the most stupid ad ever: 10 Reasons Being Sick is Sort of the Best on Buzzfeed sponsored by Walgreens.  I was going to list all ten reasons but looking at them all just made me cranky, so here's number one:

1. You can’t go to work / school

Hey, Walgreens. Do you know how much time I ALREADY spend in bed? And that I would give my eyeteeth to be able to go to work/school?!

I've spent the last ten years being sick. And it is definitely NOT the best.



Heda said...

I'm still working. Goodness knows how. Will power and sheer stupidity in equal measures. Some days I would sell my soul to not have to go work but if I don't turn up I'll be gone. Is it greed or pure fear because it's just me? Single women don't have lots of choices especially these days. I'm retiring early and that's scary enough but not till the end of this year and right now having carried a respiratory infection since Christmas that seems like an eternity away. Must days I feel desperate. Many days I feel like I will die if I keep pushing myself like this. Why doesn't my doctor give me sick leave? Sorry, intellectually I can so see your point of view but alas this comment is all about me and I'd love a doctors certificate to get time off work. It would be total absolute complete and thorough bliss.

Heda said...

So sorry. Shouldn't have posted that comment stopper. Don't mind me. Bad night last night. Sunday with Monday on my mind! Today I'm fine. Geared up and ready to work. All is well. Take care.

Julia Oleinik said...

Heda -- No apologies needed! Your comment was sincere and appropriate. And a valid viewpoint.

I should have made my opinion more clear: my issue isn't a debate about working/not working with chronic illness; but actually I am miffed at a large corporation that makes it's money by serving ill people should KNOW better than to trivialize serious illness. Being sick is never -- but never-- "the best".

*steps down from her soapbox*