Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blink Blink...

.....Well. I think I have one eye open......

Ahhh. There we are. Two functioning peepers.

I am guessing that I will survive. It's amazing what a couple days of complete rest -- not to mention fully functioning internet access and phone lines -- will do to boost my spirits and begin to replenish my energy stores.

Think I will keep my feet up and do the hard work of resting. Because in all seriousness, forcing myself to just vegetate is hard when the Christmas season is here. I have things to do, cookies to frost, people to see. Like everyone else does.

Ah, but none of that will happen if I don't behave myself. So I will. C'mon, Lulu buddy old pal. Time to hit the hay.

Lulu is a champion napper. 

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