Thursday, December 5, 2013

Driven to Acceptance

Well, guys.... I caved.

I've been holding out for ten years now, but the time has come. This is hanging from Goldie's rear view mirror:

Yep. A handicapped parking permit. What can I say? I'm a slow learner. It only took me a decade to decide that I may need one.

And I have to admit that while I have taken the enormous step of filling out the paperwork, and picking up the tag...I have yet to actually use it. I hung the tag simply for this picture. Goldie was parked in a non-handicapped spot at the time.

What kind of weirdo takes the time to jump through the state DOT hoops for a special permit, drives TO THE DOT to pick up said permit, and then doesn't use it?


But I will -- eventually. I can't be rushed with all of this stuff. I need to ease into things. Gee. Maybe I should drive around with the tag in my glove compartment for the next month or two...


Blogger Mama said...

I don't use mine very often either. It usually stays hidden inside my glove box and only gets to come out and play when I am having a bad Sjogren's day. If I used it on a "good" day I would be worried the entire time that I was taking up the spot for someone who needed it more than myself.

sue said...

Hi Julia, There isn't a rule that says you need to use it all the time. If you can find a regular parking spot close to the entrance then don't bother using it. Having a permit isn't admitting defeat, it is just a tool to make life a little bit easier.

LM said...

I don't have a permit, but I can understand. These little changes are hard to digest and deal with. I used to park as far away as possible. 1.) So my car won't get banged up. 2.) Because the extra exercise wouldn't hurt me.

However, I find myself getting closer and closer to the store.
One of the most difficult changes I made was when I took myself to the back of a drugstore and bought a pill cutter and a giant weekly pill box with slots for every imaginable time of the day. I bought those two items and got to the parking lot and burst into tears. It was something so small that really set me off. I never imagined I'd go from taking a multi-vitamin and an occasional allergy pill to bottles and bottles of medications. That was for old people, for really sick wasn't for me.

Use your permit when you need it and don't feel one ounce of guilt. You've definitely 'earned' your right!

Es said...

Hi Julia, I have had a "Permit" for 5 years now. I use it all the time. I actually had one person accuse me of abusing the permit! I don't look sick you know :) I was polite but asked if they would like to see the scars on my legs? Shocked them into silence. Use your permit. Use it everyday. We have those danglers for a reason. Mostly (love that word)because we look so good :)

Christina said...

I gave a permit since August. I'm 40 & have to use a cane. When I pull in I have noticed faces with looks of disbelief, then I get my cane and their faces magically soften. I use mine most of the time, I have Fibro as well as Sjogrens with balance issues and hip problems. I also have asthma. That pass saves me! Use it when you need it and don't feel guilty. Our DeS give them to us for a reason.