Tuesday, December 3, 2013

With a Bang

Funny how things happen all at once.

On December first, I was congratulating myself on another nicely orchestrated Thanksgiving dinner on the books. D#1 and DIL had the Christmas tree set up and decorated in a flash. The Christmas light show was up and running. All of our house guests had traveled home with smiles and full bellies. Then.


I woke up yesterday literally unable to operate. My energy was simply all gone. Coincidentally, so was our phone service and internet connection. Weirdly, our power was uninterrupted. It appeared that the only thing running smoothly around here was the blinking lights and Christmas music outside.

So today, I'm just remaining horizontal. I managed to be upright long enough to welcome the telephone repairman and thank him profusely when he left.

Reasonably Well is definitely back on line. I'll let y'all know when Julia is as well.


Sue said...

Hi Julia, hope you have more energy soon. Have a well deserved rest. Take care.

Amy Junod said...

The price we pay for fun should be criminal. Stupid Sjogren's. I bet your pies were fabulous! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving was had. Take care- wishing you wellness, or a similar version!