Saturday, September 28, 2013

Venus Williams: Sjogren's AND Strong

Thanks to Tricia, who sent me the link to this story about Sjoggie Venus Williams:

Post Sjogren's, Venus Williams Is Proving To Be More Than Inspirational
By Chris Oddo
Published in Tennis Now

"It has been over three years since Venus Williams last went deep in a Grand Slam, but if this week's hot streak in Tokyo is any indication, next year could be the year for her.....Written off by many after being diagnosed with the energy-sapping autoimmune deficiency known as Sjogren's Syndrome in 2011, Venus Williams has never relented in her quest to return to her championship form, motivated by an “I can do this even if you don't think I can” ethos that has often times left her vulnerable to disappointment and defeat...."
Story continues here.

Watch this YouTube video of one of Venus' killer shots:

Williams battled Petra Kvitova in the semis and although she lost, in my opinion, is still a winner in every sense of the word.


Kelly said...

Thanks for posting this Julia! I will share it with all of my tennis buddies. Whether or not you're a fan, (and I confess I have been a fan since Venus first emerged on the tennis scene) you have to admire the courage and grace and sheer grit she has shown, not only since the diagnosis, but even more BEFORE the diagnosis, when even the casual observer could tell she just didn't feel good without knowing why and she was struggling through this time in front of millions, in plain view, with people constantly speculating on television, accusing her of not trying hard enough, not working hard enough off the court, not focusing enough on tennis, etc., etc., etc.

I just hope I'm tuned in when she wins one more slam, and she will, if not in singles, certainly in doubles with Serena at her side, as always.

Go Venus!

annie said...

I would REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know what meds, supplements and other treatments she is using to be able to play gruelling games of tennis, whereby I can barely make breakfast some days. Maybe that is something she can share with us poor suffering folks?

We're not talking of a regular job of 9 to 5,but putting your body and joints through some very stressful activity and using up lots of stamina. What's her secret?