Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Prefer Pie

Guys. I was all set to write an informative post today all about the merits of different types of post cataract intraocular lenses.

Didn't happen.

Instead, I made a pie from honeycrisp apples grown right in our back yard. Then John and I watched old pirate movies in a nod to my continued nightime use of my eyepatch.

Aye, it be hArrrrrrrrd to focus on serious stuff, me mates.

I must confess that I watched the movie with a slight sympathy toward the pirates.


Sjoggie Shannon said...

LOL - the pie looks delicious!

annie said...

I can't show my husband this picture...he'd be envious of John and whine how he'd like a slice! He definitely can't two weeks out of emergency and diagnosed with atrial fibrilation. We're still working on nutrition and exercise 101!!

Julia Oleinik said...

So Annie......would you come to my house and work with ME on nutrition and exercise 101??


annie said...


I need help myself, but I'm better than my husband because at least I'm trying. His weakness is french fries and carbs and anything sugary and then he compounds it by being inactive (couch potato).

It is very difficult, and I mess up very often but this is what I try to follow:
-cut down on sugar and omit salt
-portion control
-cut down on meat, eat some fish and try to go vegetarian once or twice a week(legumes are good for us and very tasty)
-eat more fruits and vegetables, especially greens
-try to move on days where I have some energy (like walk to do my errands)

It is extremely difficult to motivate oneself, and even if you fail miserably one day (cheat) you can try to eat a little better the next day. I am a snacker...I can graze all day long but I can't have huge meals as they give me indigestion and leave me with acid reflux.I envy you your cake and pie, and since I haven't tried making a gluten free version, I go without. I do eat some dark chocolate and some gluten free cookies (1 or 2), and not every day, and somehow I managed to gain weight!! I need to work on being more active, but my physiotherapist said just short walks, or a stationary bike , or some kind of stretching is very good.

If I lived close to you I would gladly help you,Julia only if you would help me in turn.

Unknown said...

I have that Betty Crocker cookbook!

Unknown said...

I have that book too! It was my Mom's.

Homemade apple pie is like one of my FAVORITE THINGS! But I can't eat it anymore because of gluten intolerance... you're torturing me here..... :-)