Friday, September 27, 2013

Sign me up for number two!

Boy, howdy.

My surgery went smooth as silk.

I'm left with a little sensation of scratchiness in my eye and some light sensitivity, lots of eye dropping four times a day (so what else is new, just different eye drops than before), and playing pirate with my eye patch at night.

Lulu loves my eye shield. She actually carried it off this morning after I set it on my bedside table.

She promised she won't do it again. 

Naughty woogie. Good thing it's made of metal so that I could give it a good washing with antiseptic.

The vision in my eye is amazingly better -- but the sensation of having one eye with vision corrected and the other still fuzzy and blurry is seriously strange. Sometimes my new eyeball's clarity is better than other times. I wonder why? I'm on the lookout for symptoms of development of a film on the new lens which I'm told appears fairly frequently and is easily rectified with an outpatient laser appointment. Time will tell.

I can't wait to get my other eye done. Patience, Julia......

I thought this video was a pretty good demonstration of cataract surgery.


Lisa said...

Don't sweat the "secondary" cataract too much .... it took four years post surgery for the one in my right eye to form .... and 30 seconds w/a laser to make it go away. Nine years post op my left eye sports a secondary cataract but it hasn't reached the point of clouding my vision....
Although, after glancing down at the word I must type to prove I am not a robot perhaps I should be phoning for an opthamology appt! Where do they come up with some of those letter combinations?!

Sjoggie Shannon said...

What kind of intraocular lens did you pick? I am going to be scheduling my surgery soon... And I just don't know which to choose. I'm 36....and hope to have them for a while! - Shannon (fellow Sjoggie)

SLCCOM said...

At least it was just the eye shield. My Paige decided that my hearing aid was just right for a little snack! It was crunchier than she expected. It was also ruined beyond all hope.

Yes, she is still alive.

annie said...

It must be a weird sensation while you're trying to walk. Does it make you feel off-balance? While cataracts are fairly common, is this something that is often seen in sjogren's, Julia? Shannon is only 36 yrs old!!

Jan said...

I had cataracts 8 years ago, when I was 53. Although I had lots of eye drops like you, Julia, my surgeon doesn't have his patients use patches. And yes, it was wierd with one 'good' eye (no lens in my frame either), and one bad eye.

I also am surprised that you have to wait so long in between eyes. My guy does them 1 week apart, which was great! Only walked around for 1 week feeling off balance from those two wacky eyes :-)