Monday, July 29, 2013


Can a person really spend too much time at a beautiful place like this??

I think I had too much sun over the past week or so.

Or too much something.

I say this because everything is hard to do this morning. You know -- really difficult things. Like getting out of bed. Or bending over to tie your shoes. Or remembering my husband's name.

I love summer weather like we've had over the past week. It's been lovely clear blue skies and warm but not hot temperatures with a slight breeze; just strong enough to make the curtains at my windows billow.


I slather on sunscreen. I wear my sunhat. (Mostly.) I stay in the shade, and I don't have anything even close to a sunburn; but it seems as though after about a week of this kind of weather, my bones ache and my fatigue levels rise. A few lupus blotches appear here and there, and I'm really really stupid.


I've been popping more ibuprofen to see if that will quell some of whatever this is... with only marginal relief of my joint pain and absolutely no increase in my mental abilities.

I'm thinking that I will have to put myself on house arrest for a day or so to see if this calms things down a bit.

Whaddya think? Is it the sun?

How does your body react to sunshine?


Heda said...

My sun sensitivity has grown so bad that I've been wondering if I have lupus. I don't think so, just primary sjogren's on the lupus end of the scale. But it's winter in my corner of the world so I'm out and about doing heaps of walking and making the most of it because I hibernate in summer. Hope your reaction is the result of a passing flare and not a new development.

cargillwitch said...

I am beginning to suspect I am the only person with Sjogrens who ISN'T sun sensitive!.I do so much better in the heat and sun that I am pondering relocation south.Here in Ontario the cold and gray is my nemesis.My joints ,glands and fatigue gointo overdrive when the weather turns colder and wet.Perhaps the addition of Raynauds in my mix makes this so? in any event I soak in every last drop of heat and sunshine sent my way here in rural Ontario!

Amy Junod said...

Sjogren's sure doesn't fight fair. I think that's why it's such a stinky opponent. I too have followed all the Sjogren's Syndrome rules only to find myself laid up in my Snuggie whimpering, "Why?"
I have found that some days I am more sensitive to the sun. Like I feel like a vampire sensitive. Same routine, it's just that my body reacts to it suddenly.
I hope this is a short flare for you. Take good care.

annie said...

The only time of the year I truly enjoy is the fall where the temperature is not too humid or too cold, the sun isn't too strong and I don't have too many aches and pains.

I absolutely hate the sun in summer because it burns my skin, I overheat and have joint pain and no energy, so I basically stay indoors. I should enjoy it because our winters are sometimes pretty brutal (Canadian winters)and long,where again aches and pains and the raynaud's kicks in. Basically I need to find a temperate climate that is not humid. Suggestions anyone?

stephanie said...

I am daily ever so grateful that I FEEL GOOD in the warmth AND the sunshine!

Unknown said...

Well normally not too bad. I had one incident where my arms got really red and bumpy. But I now watch closely the time I am
Out and wear SS and it seems to b ok... Do I have lupus too Julia?

KKG said...

I have both Sjogren's and Vitiligo (autoimmune disease of the skin - patches of skin with no pigment) - so sun is never my friend. I do go out - I just went canoeing with my son - but it involves hat, glasses, sunscreen and sun protective clothing. I'm almost used to it. But my eyes don't like the sun at all. I like Annie's question of where to live - not too hot or cold, etc. I'm thinking San Diego when it's cloudy. : )

Annette said...

I get an ugly red rash on my neck when I am in the sun too much so I try to keep a scarf in the car.
Cloudy and around 72 degrees is OK.

My new friend has Raynauds and it comes on so fast.

Kelly said...

Yes ma'am, heat and sun sensitive, always have been. Just coming off a 3 week flare that arrived hot on the heels of weekend in Seattle of all places (it was such lovely sun up there, not hot at all so you didn't realize how much sun you were getting and EVERYONE else was out in it)plus a very hot Monday morning of tennis in the sun after flying home. The classic triple dip: airline travel, sun exposure and over-heating. How could I have been so negligent?

Nasty business these solar flares, but at least during this one I finally got in to the doctor while things were happening and got a dx on the rash I sometimes get on my legs from the sun/heat: vasculitis and thank goodness the scary lump that came up under my collar bone during the worst part of the flare was declared a nodule that was, "not suspicious."

Take care and feel better soon, Julia.

Rita in Oklahoma said...

The sun is not my friend. Even as recent as four or five years ago I was a sun worshipper, swimmer and was mowing my way to the moon and back because I dearly love a beautiful new-mown lawn, but alas, no more.

I have to be dropped off at the front door of "everything" when the sun is shining and when I can't be dropped off I've learned to run from point A to point B.

Just a few minutes in the sun these days to me is akin to that blast of a 450 degree oven when you're removing a host of baked potatoes only I end up looking like one of the potatoes.

I simply cannot handle it.

710.9 said...

My body likes warmth, so it thinks it likes sunshine, too. My body is wrong.