Monday, July 29, 2013

Take it Elsewhere

Reasonably Well is MY GAME. My party. And this means that we all have to play by MY RULES.

I never thought I'd have to write a post like this, but here goes:

I will not link to or publish comments from individuals that put up hate speech, bigoted commentary, or intolerant information regarding any religion, race, or creed.

I recognize that people that wish to publish this kind of stuff have every right to do so, but I DON'T have to link to it or allow it's publication here.

For awhile, I will moderate all comments intended for this blog. I realize that 99.999% of my readers would never consider putting this type of information out there, and to those I apologize for y'all having to read this post. I'm sorry.

And no, I don't want to talk about it, except to say that this incident isn't worthy of further consideration. So don't ask.


Julie said...

So sorry you had to be exposed to such an incident, and I applaud you for protecting the integrity and purpose of your blog, Julia!

SLCCOM said...

Sheesh! Thanks for your work, Julia! We appreciate it.

Kelly said...

So sorry you had to deal with an internet troll, especially when you weren't feeling even Reasonably Well this week after too much sun exposure. That's not what you need to help you feel better. Thanks for protecting the rest of us, but it sure makes a lot more work for you.

Anonymous said...

You go Julia! I'll help defend with spitballs, just say the word!

Unknown said...

Wow. So sorry to hear this... Take care-

Unknown said...

Wow. So sorry to hear this... Take care-