Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buh Bye Bushes

Big excitement around here over the past few days.

About fifteen years ago, John and I planted a dozen Leland cypress trees lining our fence. They were small scrawny things and we were told that they would make a great privacy screen once they were mature.

Were they EVER.

We thought they were at their maximum height about five years ago, but we were wrong because they kept growing and growing and growing. I half expected a giant-seeking guy named Jack to start climbing one......

They began to grow sideways as quickly as they did vertically, and took over more than their share of the sunshine and nutrients on the north side of the lot; so we made a very reluctant decision: they had to be replaced with something smaller yet very very green.

Phase one: remove the cypress.

What a huge undertaking that turned out to be. But the crew that we hired -- no, John and Greg weren't allowed to climb a fifty foot tree with a chainsaw -- made short work of it.

Step two: remove the stumps and plant new arborvitae.

The view from my hammock chair now includes much more blue sky.

This may take some getting used to.


annie said...

So sad as they look to be healthy trees, but what a difference you'll have with the sunshine and the view.I'm sure the other plants and trees are grateful.

Annette said...

Wow! What did the neighbours say?

We did the same as you but 20 years ago. We planted scrawny bare root cedars from up north. Now they are 30 feet tall I bet and trying to take over. The birds love them but the yard shrunk. A hammock would be nice.
What a big job. I wouldn't let my husband and son up there with a chain .saw eithere

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Annette -- the neighbors are thrilled. Our wall of green obstructed their view of Mount Hood, so they're loving their new view too.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful view!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful view!