Saturday, July 27, 2013

Following Atticus and Lulu

A couple of years ago, my daughter-in-law gave me a copy of  Following Atticus.

I loved it. What's not to love about the true story of a brave little dog and his human (Tom refuses to say he's Attie's owner) and their hikes into New England's White Mountains?

I think Attie looks just like Lulu but she was indignant when I told her that. I think the fact that he is a male had something to do with it...

Tom and Atticus have their own facebook page, so Lulu and I have been following along with their adventures this summer. As she and I took a few very short hikes together, I could see why Tom titled his book "Following Atticus". Schnauzers like to take the lead -- on walks and life in general -- and so I'm sure that Tom and I both got the same view of our little black and silver Schnauzers as we walked. Aww.

It's funny how my perspective about pets has changed over the years. We've always had dogs +/or cats but then I've always been preoccupied with my kids and marriage and work on a day to day basis so the critters were just another part of our pack. Now that the kids have grown and I'm not working, my pets have taken a much larger role as companions these days. I'm amazed at how much I depend on Lulu. I talk to her all day long. We go places together. She sleeps with John and I. We like the same movies and television shows.

Some people don't believe me when I tell them that Lulu talks to me but whatever. Pfffttt. Lulu and I know the truth.

Recently I read with a sinking heart that Attie had been diagnosed with bone cancer; had a toe amputated; and now was beginning a course of chemotherapy. My goodness. Of course I can't really know how both Tom and Atticus feel about this but I know how I would feel.... I would be devastated.

Reminds me of those difficult days with Maggie last fall.

As I follow along with their blog and facebook page, it's a good reminder to me to never take our friends and family for granted: and that includes those of the furry persuasion.

C'mere Lulu. I need a hug.

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mcspires said...

I am a "cat" person, but I did have a dog once and it was a Schnauzer. I did love him. His name was "Bob The Barker. Instead of paying for an unlisted number (back in the day) I had my phone listed under"Barker, Bob T." I love your pics of Lulu and I will check out Atticus fb page. I think pets enrich our lives in a huge way and when I retire, I may try a dog again. (Shhh though, don't tell our 3 cats just yet)