Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thank You, Mr. Sousa

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Do you remember after my first rituximab infusion when I idly wondered how I could make my second infusion of mousies feel welcomed and loved? That the first wave of mousies could really facilitate the arrival of the second group making the infusion seem like a routine event?

And do you think that I was kidding? Tsk. Y'all should know me by now...

So I WAS thinking of a mousie Sousa band, banners, balloons, and all sorts of silly stuff while waiting for the whole 1,000 mg worth of mousies to disembark into station Julia on Tuesday. After I received my IV Benadryl and I began to feel slightly loopy and very sleepy, I was silently humming a Sousa march to myself just before I drifted off to sleep.

Really. I was.

It was Sousa's Washington Post March, which is a great Welcome-To-Julia-Mousies march. Goodness knows I am familiar with it after doodley-doodle-ing my way through it as first clarinet in band a zillion times. Just like this:

I think they liked it. Because I have to say that this batch of mousies seem to be making themselves at home quite quickly. Seriously. I do feel tired, and yes, Lulu was right: I slept a great deal after I got home. But so far, the tiredness is not as severe as the last go-around, I don't have that weirdo metallic taste in my mouth, and I just feel......less strange than I did two weeks ago.

Maybe "less strange" isn't exactly the best word choice given that I consider serenading mice with a marching band a therapeutic image.....ah, well.

So the sugar cookies were much appreciated, I received my infusion without incident, and life goes on.

I don't think I could ask for anything better than that.

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Kate S. said...

Ah yes, marching band. I played flute, but on this tune I was always switched over to piccolo to make those little trilling runs.

Amazing that this is a Wedding March. Must have been a military wedding!

Anyhow, glad it is going well.