Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We're On the Job

Hey, all. It's Lulu here.

Just thought I'd give you an update on  Julia. John told Maggie and I to keep tabs on her while he's at work today, which is somewhat insulting since we ALWAYS keep tabs on that woman. I don't think she'd be able to survive on her own without us. But -- sigh. Insults aside, we are watching her like a hawk. Her every movement. Yessirree.

Ooo. That snore was really a good one, girlfriend. Rattled the windows. Do it again.

So she came home from her appointment yesterday (AND WENT WITHOUT US WE MIGHT ADD IN OUR CAR) saying something about how it went more smoothly than last time and that she really didn't feel too bad, just tired.

But since then she really hasn't moved much aside from the couch to the bed, so how would she know how tired she is? Hm? Don't you have to stand up before you know you have to lie back down again? At least a time or two? Maybe we should try taking her on a walk later today.

What, Mags? Well, yes. She still is in her pajamas from last night and her hair IS pretty weird looking but that's not completely unusual.....although you have a good point. I don't think I want to be the one to tell her it's time to get her butt out of bed.  You do it.

I'm sure she'll be back on her laptop clicking away like she always does in no time. And if she's really really really good -- we'll let her take us for a ride in Goldie for french fries. But in the meantime, we're on the job.

Sergeants SchnauzerMcPants here, at your service and on guard.


sue said...

Take it easy and I'm glad the infusion went well.

Jenny P said...

This is a sacred and, at times, dangerous assignment (I think we can all imagine the collateral damage BICJ is capable of inflicting if she breaks loose). I'm glad to see you and Maggie are equal to the task.
Carry on, Ladies.