Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a Race

Funny how even though I am completely obsessed with mouse-drugs and my infusion and lucky shoes and, well....everything Julia, that the world still keeps turning, and other things are going on out there.

Important things:

Like the fact that my son and his fiance will be married in just a little over a month from now, and D#2 and her fiance will be married in September, and that there's a whole new set of in-laws waiting for us on the East coast to meet and get to know.

Like the fact that this Saturday, my friends have orchestrated a wedding shower for Son's fiance that has me amazed and totally blown away; complete with a Kentucky Derby theme, hats, hats, and more fabulous hats, mint juleps, red roses, china tea cups, and a wonderful houseful of family and friends. Woo hoo!

Why Kentucky Derby, you ask? Got some time? It's a long story.

It all began when my son and his friends were sitting around somewhere watching a football game last fall and discussing what they should do for his bachelor party. Being the suave and cool gentlemen that they are, they decided that heading over to do the Las Vegas thing was just too expected. Cliche. Besides, they had already been there and done that for a few of their friends in years past. No, they thought. This party had to be truly unique.

And, as luck, or karma, or whatever you want to call it would have it, just at that moment a commercial came on for Kentucky Derby ticket sales.

They looked at each other with excitement. Brilliant! They all said.

(Of course they did.)

Not one of them were horse racing fans. None of them actually even knew what day the Derby was run or anything about the race. But the best man had enjoyed a few mint juleps in the past and so it was decided. The Kentucky Derby Bachelor Party was on! They all immediately whipped out their iPhones and began googling hotels and flights and tickets. Since then they have all acquired suitable attire: my son found a vintage (translate: thrift store/garage sale) linen suit, his friend scored a white pinstripe seersucker suit, and various hats, walking sticks, and silk ties.


So on Saturday, the 138th Kentucky Derby will be run, and my son, surrounded by his best buddies and all decked out in their gentlemanly finery, will be there. Whether they pay any attention whatsoever to the race will be debatable, but they will be livin' large and lookin' fine.

Meanwhile, back at the Julia ranch, at the exact same time, Fiance will be watching the Derby as well surrounded by her best buddies, her future mother-in-law, a houseful of friends and relatives, and a mountain of wedding shower gifts.

Now THAT'S a party, people.

We will be sipping mint juleps, and eating dainty finger sandwiches and cake, and of course wearing fabulous hats. I mean seriously fabulous. Sniff. We girls will be far more fashionable and thus exponentially more fabulous than those silly boys.

My friend Naomi is in charge of my hat and I got a preview a few days ago. Earlier, she had asked me what embellishments would be important to me on my hat as the mother of the groom.

Hm. I said. Well, if I am going to wear a hat, I want it to be spectacular. Huge. Jaw-dropping. So put everything but the kitchen sink on itBecause I'm so shy and reserved.

She snickered. Right. ::eye roll::

She didn't disappoint. It.......defies description. I wonder if I will be able to walk it through the need to turn my head sideways......oh yeah, so perfectly Julia.....

I simply cannot WAIT to post pictures of this amazing event planned by Naomi, Terese, Emsie, and Susan.

Ahhh. Guess I'd better rest up for the good times to come.

Image above found here.


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see your hat! I'm so glad to hear about all of these wonderful events in your life.

sue said...

Have a fun saturday. I hope your hat is truly spectacular and I can't wait to see it.

Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

Now a thought does come to mind about that hat. Those incredible wigs worn by grand ladies a couple of hundred years ago, massive creations, some with bird cages containing live birds. I am sure that i read something a while back about a problem with those wigs, they often got infested with - wait for it - mice!!!!!!! Now what if........ (a small sugar coated cookie one perhaps peeking out perchance?)

Have a super time.

Debbie said...

Sounds like your son took after his mother when it comes to having fun. Rest up and enjoy....these are some of the best times of your life - until grandchildren. Can't wait to see pictures.

Amy Junod said...

Can't wait to see pics and read about the weekend. Sort of disappointed Teresa's not making your hat. I guess she's more the jeweler type?

annie said...

Enjoy every moment of your tea party. Can't wait to spot your spectacular hat, alongside all the other ladies'headwear.

Shannon said...

I too am so excited to see your hat! I can't wait to see photos of this fantastic event! The guys too of course :D I think the theme is very creative and it sounds like tons of fun!