Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Luckier Shoes

I was cruising our local Goodwill store the other day, looking for books and knick knacks, because I ALWAYS find the darndest things there. So I wheeled my cart past the shoe aisles without giving them much thought since usually I think, Used shoes. Ewww.

But I caught a glimpse of these beauties out of the corner of my eye and had to put on the brakes.

You can buy your very own here. But you'll pay a zillion times more than I did. Nanner nanner. 

Well, now. BRAND NEW Keens. Still with the original price sticker attached. Outrageously designed to be unbelievably cheerful, and the underside of the shoes impeccably clean -- as in haven't-been-worn-around. AND in my size AND fit perfectly. AND cheap.

Wowsers. These beauties were meant to be mine. They all but shouted my name and threw themselves in front of me. Woo! I tossed them into the cart along with the palm tree tea light that I was considering.

Um...Nah. Didn't make it to the checkout. I like palm trees. Smug camels? Not so much. 

As I slipped my feet into the shoes and walked them around the store for a bit, I KNEW what my plan was for these guys. It's a long story, but stick with me here, guys.

 Way back when, I used to really hate going to the dentists, since we hadn't figured out the whole cavity/diminished saliva thing yet. So I spent lots of time getting lots of uncomfortable and expensive procedures done. But there was one appointment.......and Dr. E. just stuck the nitrous oxide tube up my nose to settle me down.....and woo hoo. Life was great and I was livin' large. And in my little nitrous happy cloud, I looked down at my red sneakers and decided then and there that this blissful experience was entirely due to my shoes. Because they were lucky shoes. You can read more about this silly incident here.

My red sneakers are long gone, but I have a suspicion that I have found their lucky replacements. I smile when I look at them. Who wouldn't? And isn't anything that makes one smile a very, very good thing? And isn't smiling the luckiest thing of all?

I've decided that I am wearing these new shoes when I head out for my first rituximab dose in the hopes that my experience at the infusion center will be a positive one.

I'm so lucky. So are my shoes. Yeeeaaaahhhhh.


Unknown said...

I love a great thrift find! These are definitely lucky shoes.

Anita Rowe Stafford said...

So glad you and the lucky shoes found each other! You're all set now!

ShEiLa said...

Great find!!! Next time you won't bypass the shoes so easily.

When I was in Indiana we visited Goodwill and I found my hubby some nearly near virgin wool sweaters... made in Italy. A couple others made in Canada and one made in the USA... all really nice and all 5 cost under $25.

Good luck with the infusion!!!


Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

LOVE the shoes!!!! Why can't I find something like that? Did you have a close look at the glass behind the camel light - not Murano is it?

AutoimmuneGal said...

What a very cool find and even more exciting when you least expect it! I too am a big believer in wearing something that makes me feel special on days with important medical happenings.

Julia Oleinik said...

Gill - what's Murano glass? Educate me.

I was just focusing on the smugness of the camel.

Angela said...

I'm in love with your "new" shoes!!