Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where Are My Pears?

Yesterday was sunny and nice, so I slapped on my dumb stupid ugly sunhat and strolled round the yard a bit. It was great to be outside with everything beginning to bloom. My star magnolia looks so full this year.

And my other magnolia, think it's called a Dinner Plate magnolia, is really happy too.

And, of course, the weeds are absolutely giddy. They're so happy they're popping up absolutely everywhere.

Then, there's this tree.

Looks suspiciously healthy, doesn't he? He has a buddy, both are asian pears, and both have been declared as the perfect cross-pollinator for the other in order to guarantee John and I just bushels and bushels of delicious crisp and juicy pears.

After at least five years -- hasn't happened yet. Last year, John and I despaired that we didn't see A SINGLE pear, until the tree dropped it's leaves in fall and there we saw one lonely, ugly, black pair hanging lonesomely from the top branch. So last fall I shook my fist at the tree and threatened it.

I don't often get angry with my trees but everyone has their limits, after all.

I told him that if he and his buddy didn't produce a few edible pears the next year, he was outta here. He'd be dug up and thrown on Greg and Terese's burn pile, and they would torch him and his lazy friend with glee. And we would all sit around and toast marshmallows.

Well. This year, both he and his buddy are loaded with blossoms and I have seen some bees buzzing around both. I'm hopeful.......

Sometimes you just have to be firm with your flora.

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Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

Superb magnolias, was a good year for them over here as well, they bloomed early and better than i can remeber seeing them before. We had a sudden change in the weather last week and everything got frosted so nice to see piccies of magnolias still in bloom. I'll take your advice and have a word with our cherry trees tomorrow, been there years and no edible fruit, even the blackbirds don't bother with those trees.