Sunday, October 31, 2010


My two boys in the Best. Halloween. Masks. Ever. 

Ahhh. Halloween.....

You didn't think that I would let a holiday as fun as this one go by without comment, did you? Well, of course not.

We've started giving out small toys as treats ever since John and I discovered that we were eating more candy than we doled out to the trick-or-treaters........and we get at 200 to sometimes 300 kids each Halloween, depending on the weather. That's a lot of candy, even for BICJ at her hungriest.

I think this year we have some extra good stuff. And the best thing about giving toys instead of candy? (Besides not gaining 15 pounds in one weekend?) Any leftover toys are tossed into the Halloween box and saved for next year. Brilliant.

OK, everyone be patient. Choose just one. Littlest kids first.

Here's a treat for YOU - I love the Monster Mash song - so here's a YouTube version with a whole new twist. Enjoy. Mwahahahaha.......

Happy Halloween!


annie said...

After receiving so many candies/chocolates, I'm sure the children look forward to Julia's house for a toy treat.What a great idea...but 200-300?? I'm lucky to get 30-40! I like your hunka hunka boys' masks...thank you very much, Julia.

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Annie - yes, the kids seem to love the toys. It's always fun to see them try to choose one. Keeps those little cute monsters at my door just a little longer......:)

Julia Oleinik said...
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