Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reach Out

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Jennifer Pettit, author of Understanding Invisible Illnesses, has penned quite a post, entitled A Tree May Grow in Brooklyn But Friendships Grow in Philly.

In it, she describes our very enjoyable meeting in Philadelphia, but more importantly, she describes with exceptional clarity what happens when people in similar circumstances but different locations have a chance to share their experiences with each other:
.....the internet has BLOGS - which are by and about LIVE people, who exist NOW, whose lives are ongoing stories with twists to come so great no human author could have fit it all into a 'book'.  Bloggers are my PEERS.  They tell me their stories...and sometimes listen to mine...and then something never before seen in the history of the written word happens - our stories morph.  They piggy-back off each other, and eventually become intertwined.  There's truth in the line from "Wicked": "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good".  Whether we support, anger, respect, or despise each other, we have had an impact on one another and anyone else who may have stumbled into our "storylines".
Bravo, and well said, Jen.

Dealing successfully with chronic illness is all about healthy and supportive connections - a merging of "storylines" into a conversation that is mutually beneficial. If you are dealing with a chronic illness, find a place to share your story, be it here, or UII, or any of the many other excellent blogs or forums. Everyone has a different perspective or experience with their illness, and everyone can benefit when we reach out to each other.

So get going. Reach out to another sjoggie. We'll all be better for your efforts.

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