Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

You can buy your very own fake blood here

Life is never dull in our neighborhood. For lots of reasons. What made our neighborhood so entertaining last night, aside from the fact that it was Halloween, is probably what DIDN'T happen....

As I may have mentioned before, the family that lives directly across the street from us - and they are a wonderful family, no kidding - has two teenaged sons. I love these guys. They remind me so much of those great times when I had three teenagers ripping around MY house. Ah.....the good old days.

So these kids are pretty creative, especially at Halloween. Luckily for us all, they choose to use their considerable creativity forces for GOOD. Every year, they transform their driveway and porch into a full fledged haunted house on Halloween night, complete with fake blood and body parts strewn about, creepy noises playing on the stereo, flickering torches in the bushes, and a fog machine set of full blast.

Oooo. Scary. They make all those little trick or treaters truly earn their candy by mustering up enough courage to make it to the front door without being scared silly.

I was watching their house with curiosity this weekend to see what they would concoct for this year's event. And I was not disappointed. The boys and their buddies began early in the day by strewing around fake spiderwebs, gallons of fake blood, and the usual severed legs, heads, and hands placed with artistic care. They test fired the fog machine and painted several new signs this year. My favorite was "Turn Back If You Want To Live".

Good one.

But I became a bit concerned when I noticed one of the boys slinging a really heavy duty hangman's noose over the porch trellis.


Then I saw the gang attach a climbers rigging to the rope. I think that's what it's called - it's one of those safety strap contraptions which loop around a climber's legs and waist to prevent them from falling - and then one of the guys climbed into the rigging. He hung there dangling and twirling from the porch roof clutching the noose.

Oh, my.

The dangler kid made loud choking noises and let his head flop dramatically to one side, copious amounts of drool dripping from his gaping mouth. The boys all gathered around the dangler excitedly, high five-ing each other. I think they were pleased with the effect.

John and I stood looking out of our living room window while sipping our coffee and watching skeptically. My optimistic hubby said quietly, "Jul. Why don't you get a picture of him while he's still ALIVE."

Now, I know that this kid did not have the noose actually around his neck and was dangling with relative safety from this rigging, but dang. My mom radar was alarming like crazy. Just as I was about to speed dial these guys' mother, I saw her race out of the front door. An animated conversation ensued. I could see the dangling teenager reluctantly climb down from his perch still clutching the thick black rope noose. John and I looked at each other and sighed with relief.

The boys settled for hanging the noose directly over the front door and a sign which said, "This Noose Is For YOU!". With great reluctance, I might add.

We are all glad that this Halloween night ended safely - I guess it's never too early to begin the season of Thanksgiving.

But I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

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