Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Read More About Sjogren's Syndrome

Woot! Two more blogs have emerged into the blogosphere recently, both authored by women dealing with autoimmune diseases. Both are very well written, both are helping to raise awareness of autoimmune disease and it's impact, and both are worth a serious read.

Jenny Pettit has launched a blog entitled UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses. Jenny has extensive experience with multiple invisible illnesses, this from her profile:
I'm a 'modern woman' trying to balance a new (and strenuous) career, a young marriage, family with serious health challenges, and my own chronic illnesses while keeping my faith and sanity. My current diagnoses include: Sjogren's Syndrome, Raynaud's, osteoarthritis, dysautonomia (or autonomic dysfunction), localized Scleroderma, and fibromyalgia. Other diagnoses are always looming. I'm trying to develop UII ("We") - Understanding Invisible Illnesses as an awareness and suppport network for those who suffer from conditions others can't see (and those who suffer with them - friends and family). I'm also trying to focus on hope and victories, while still giving into the healthy aspects of sharing challenges with people who understand them. Join in anytime!
Vivre Avec Le Syndrome De Sjogren / A Sjogren's Life, is authored by Jazzcat, a fellow Sjoggie living in France who publishes her insightful posts in both english and french.
Je suis une jeune femme de 30 ans, j'ai été diagnostiqué atteinte de Gougerot Sjogren il y a trois ans. I'm a 30 years old women, diagnostiqued with Sjogren three years ago.
Both these young women are, well.....young. So they bring a much needed perspective to this subject, that being one of a young person dealing with significant illness in a much different phase of life than someone in her fifties such as myself. They both juggle marriages, full time jobs, and autoimmune disease.

Go get 'em, girls. We'll be reading and cheering you on.

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annie said...

Julia, I read all three of your blogs,and you all bring your different experiences and perspectives to your blogs. Despite the different ages, and locales, everyone is suffering through a similar illness. The more I read on sjogren's, the more amazed I am on how similar sjogren's symptoms and lupus symptoms are. There are many other illnesses with overlapping symptoms.I'm beginning to understand how dificult it can be for doctors to diagnose sjogren's, and how frustrating it is for the patients.

Jenny P said...

Aw, thanks Julia! I just got around to reading through posts I missed while away and saw this now. Thanks for your support, and insight:) It helps to know that even when I'm in my 50's and with whatever work scenario I find myself, there will still be soap-making trials, errant puppies, fuzzy socks, and recipes too good to ignore to look forward to!