Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Explain, Please

I have to admit with some sense of pride that I have developed the ability to reward myself at a moment's notice. For anything.

Woo hoo! I put both socks on my feet this morning.
Atta girl. Nobody nukes frozen tater tots better than me.
A shower? Before noon? What a woman!

My rewards vary. This week's treat was a couple of bunches of flowers: carnations and tulips. I took them out of their cellophane bags, clipped the rubber bands around their stems, then trimmed them all to be the same length. All of them. The carnations AND the tulips were all the same length when I placed them in the vase.

This was two days ago. Today, I noticed something very strange: The tulips are taller than the carnations and leaning towards the sunny window. 

What the heck??

Somebody explain this for me. Are the tulips actually growing? Did the carnations shrink? Am I just imagining this?

Skeptical? Here's pictorial evidence:


Paul and Karen said...

I am a witness...they were the same length. Maybe John is doing an early April Fool's joke.

Jenny P said...

I agree, botanical gaslighting?