Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Foggy Peppers

Most Sjoggies deal with brain fog. Goodness knows I do. But even though I've been foggy for eight years now, sometimes even I am amazed.....

So I was in the grocery store today, shopping list in hand. John and I both write stuff on the list, so when I scanned the items, I was perplexed.

Bread, milk, butter, blah blah blah......and then an item that John had penciled in: green pepper.

Green pepper. Green pepper. Hm........I searched the spice aisle and read all the labels on the cans and bottles. Yes, there's black pepper. Then there's lemon pepper. And cayenne pepper. And red pepper. And whole peppercorns in nifty little glass and metal grinder thingies. What the heck is green pepper? Is it one of those trendy new spices? Does he really mean green tabasco sauce?

I had my Duh moment when I gave up on the whole pepper thing and headed over to the produce section for salad makings. I cruised through the aisle, and stopped dead in my tracks. There they were, sitting in their plump green veggie gloriousness. Green peppers.

Of course! I slapped my forehead and leaned against my cart as I guffawed helplessly and loudly enough to make a young mother put her arm protectively around her toddler as she and her cart gave me a wide berth.

Oh, Julia, girl. Get yourself and those green peppers home now. Before you and another foggy incident scare another young child.

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annie said...

No one, but another person in similar shoes, would understand that little joke. I have seen a neurologist for some scary things I've been doing lately, and he reassured me it is not alzheimer's (I'm not so sure), but typical brain fog. Examples: leaving hot oil in a pan on an open burner, making coffe but forgetting to put in the coffee grains, going to the hospital and forgetting what subway exit to take( a trip that has been made often in the last few years). I find brain fog worsens when I get more stressed and flustered. Do you have the same experience?