Monday, March 22, 2010

True Colors

My friend Karen and I go way back to our teens when we met as college freshmen. We graduated together and shared an apartment before John and I were married, so we have some great memories together. Karen and her daughter made the six-hour trek across the mountains this weekend for a very enjoyable visit.

There's so many blessings and rewards that accompany having a long term friend because she knows me so well.........but then she KNOWS me so well.....

So I had to laugh when we were discussing my blog and she had a chance to prove just how completely she has me figured out.

Hey, Julia - you write posts in two different styles. 

How's that?

Well, some of your posts are very professional and all Julia-RN-like.


And then you write some where the REAL Julia breaks through. You know, the really goofy Julia. 

Drat. My secret is out. I'm really just a goof. Gee thanks, Karen, for blowing my cover. OK. I admit that the real Julia - the one at my very core - is goofy as heck. Here's my most favorite video ever of my goof hero - Disney's Goofy.

Now there's a guy with virtuoso level goofiness. I only hope that someday I will attain his admirable goof skills.

I suspect that Karen was reminded of my goofy character flaws at a restaurant on Friday night. When I threw a lemon wedge wrapped in a paper napkin at Greg. Who then hit it back at me and missed, smacking a kid sitting at the next table over.

I just want to point out that I am not alone in my goofiness.


Paul and Karen said...

Oh could I tell stories!!

Jenny P said...

I LOVE Goofy! I was thrilled when I went to training in Orlando and got my pic with him, and I got a shirt that says "I'm just a little bit Goofy" and it's his body but w/my head:D My 5th grade teacher told me I should get a summer job as Goofy...

Anonymous said...

I am happy to know that you really have a good friend.!!I hope that both of hope you will remain friends forever..!!Nice post..!Good luck and God bless you.!

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