Friday, August 15, 2008

What I Can't Do

Image by sundstrom

On a forum thread over at BBC Ouch!, the question was posed: If you had a chance to get rid of your disability, would you?

I whipped out my reply and posted it in a flash. Heck, yeah. I'd dump autoimmune disease in an instant. What on earth would there be to think about? Zap. Gone. Buh-bye! 

Then I read the other replies. I was blown away by the thoughtful responses which said, My disability is part of who I am. How could I be anyone else? or, I'd give away the pain and fatigue in an instant, but I wouldn't want to lose the lessons that I have learned from my disability.

I have to give this more thought. At times it seems that the only thing that my disease has given me is a list of things that I can't do, and  I associate my disability only with loss. It's time for me to dig a little deeper. 

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Gossamer Axe said...

I'm with you, I'd get rid of it in a heartbeat.