Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Too Weird

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I can't stand it. 

I've been watching the Olympics, and have enjoyed it all. But there is one small thing that has been driving me crazy. 

No, it's not the fact that the women's beach volleyball players wear bikinis, and the guys wear regular shorts and tank tops. 

It's not the constant relentless camera footage of Michael Phelps' mom, even though I feel for her with the cameras recording her every anguished anticipatory moment. 

I'm not wild about the fact that some of the sequences in the opening ceremonies were either animated or lip-synched, but oh well, I can live with that.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that the singular thing about these olympics that absolutely drives me bonkers - is - (drum roll.....) those stupid hats that the water polo teams have to wear. Are they not the most goofy looking things that any man has strapped onto his head??

All the other athletes - and I mean all of them - have cool technocrazy attire. Check out the swim team and their colorful spandex thingies. The equestrian participants have the absolute classiest habits ever. Who wouldn't want to wear all that great stuff that the fencing teams get to wear? And the gymnastic teams? Fantastic. 

But the poor water polo dudes, all buff and great athletic specimens, are asked to strap on baby bonnets. Yes, baby bonnets. With loopy bow ties under their chins. I get that they need protection around their ears, but strings tied in a bow? Under their chins?? 

I have one word for the water polo uniform gurus: 


Learn it. Live it. Save our water polo players. 

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