Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food Fight

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I went to see a dietician today. Bless her heart. 

In the last six months, my urologist has placed me on a low oxalate diet, my internal medicine doctor has ordered me to follow a low purine diet, a reduced sodium diet, and an IBS diet, and my rheumatologist has insisted that I start getting serious about losing some weight. 

With a perfectly straight face, I promised all of them that I would indeed be good and follow these diets to the letter. Then I went home and ate anything that my little heart desired. Bad bad Julia. 

In my defense, I did sit down and tried to merge all those diet restrictions onto one sheet of paper. I couldn't because there were too many items. When faced with all those no-nos, I did what I always have done when frustrated - My bratty inner child stuck her tongue out at that list and refused to be compliant. The rest of me willingly followed suit. 

Lately, I have been giving serious thought to trying again. The very nasty memory of passing a kidney stone surfaced, and I realized that this was not an experience that I would care to repeat. This was something even my inner child couldn't forget. I decided that if I would start getting serious about following one of the diets, I should give all of them the old college try. 

So, today, I met another one of my heroes in a white lab jacket. The dietician, a trim (aren't all dieticians skinny??) forty-something gal, was armed and ready for me. For two hours, we plowed our way through all the restrictions. I left with menu plans, a simplified absolute no-no list, a sometimes OK list, a shopping list, a reading list, her e-mail address for any future questions, and most importantly, 120 minutes of encouragement and support. Thanks, Kelly.  

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Vicky said...

LOL My inner child gets me too! Yeah....kidney stones are something you can't forget! Boogers!