Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blue Parking Causing Others to See Red

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This is a thought-provoking article, written by Lisa Copen, author and founder of the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. 

Lisa describes her experiences when using her handicapped parking tag. I was appalled to read of the comments directed towards her when she, as a degenerative arthritis patient, utilizes those blue parking spots. 

"Do you know the fine for using someone else's handicapped parking permit is $300?" "That parking spot is saved for the disabled! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Nearly everyone with an invisible illness has been told, "You don't look disabled to me!" One of my friends replied, "Well, you don't look stupid to me." I just bite my lip to try to prevent the tears from forming, broken-hearted that I appear to be deceptive, when I would do anything to give back this parking perk that I use on a rare occasion.

This year, the National Invisible Illness Awareness week takes place from September 8 - 14.

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