Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Have you ever seen that great James Stewart movie, "Harvey"? The one where this perfectly reasonable, likable, otherwise normal guy has a six foot invisible rabbit friend?

It has occurred to me that many chronic illnesses should be named Harvey.

OK. Stay with me here.  

Many people are walking around out there, looking perfectly reasonable, likable, and otherwise normal. Just like James Stewart. Although instead of a six foot invisible rabbit following them around, they have an equally invisible companion - some kind of chronic, invisible illness. 

Unlike the movie, their problems with their invisible friends aren't solved neatly by the end of the last reel just as the sentimental music begins and the credits roll by. 

I am not sure how Harvey introduced himself to James, but those of us with our own Harveys remember exactly when and where he showed up. And unlike Mr. Stewart, we wish he would go away. 

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