Monday, April 21, 2008


I have had some interesting experiences because of what my neurologist euphemistically calls "Brain Fog".  

Brain fog is actually a medical term used to describe a slowing of your cognitive abilities due to chronic illnesses. It is supposedly not progressive or a constant state, and usually occurs when energy levels are low or in moments of stress. Which means, in my case, that it hangs around my brain all too frequently. 

For those of you lucky enough never to have experienced this, it is an incredibly strange sensation. It feels as though the brain is moving in extremely slow motion. Thoughts seem to be suspended in jello. 

My most entertaining  experience with BF occurred in church. It was a part of the service where everyone files up to the front of the church then returns to their pews in a very orderly fashion. I was the first person to leave our pew, so also the first person to return.

The fog moved in just as I was returning to find our pew. Hmm...which one was ours? I blithely picked what I thought was the correct pew and led all 15 people into the wrong one. At which point, having realized my mistake, I looped back through the next empty pew and then back into ours. Everyone dutifully followed along.

Before long, we were all giggling quietly.

A conga line in Mass? 

Yuh duh da da da da - DAH. 

I'll bet Father L. was thinking, "There she goes again..." 

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Unknown said...

Just beginning to read your blog as I too share some of your symptoms. I have sicca and just went through testing at Mayo in Rochester for amyloidosis. A friend who has sjogrens sent me here. This post put me in stitches! I would have done the exact same thing!! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it as we just got back from Mayo clinic.