Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tired vs Lazy

Lazy. An interesting word. Whatever lazy is, Homer Simpson does it best. 

I sometimes wonder when my fatigue crosses the line from the usual tiredness, to Homer-esque laziness, especially when I find myself cashed out on Couch, drooling after a nap, with visions of donuts dancing in my head. It is probably not a coincidence that two of my dogs are named Bart and Maggie. 

It would be really easy to slip into a minimally physically active lifestyle, since John and kids are so great about keeping things going around the house. Yet I know that despite receiving absolutely no positive feedback from my exercise sessions, they are vitally important. Without some kind of exercise, my fatigue would go from bad to worse. My muscles would become weak and wasted. 

It is really hard to reconcile my current physical abilities with my previous ones. Playing the "but I USED to be able to do that" game is a really stupid thing to do, since it never helps with anything. When I play that game, I plant myself on Couch and that's where I stay. I give up. That's when I move in with Homer and Marge into lazyville. 

But if I try to be patient in doing very small things, such as simply walking around the block, or just folding up one load of laundry, I feel better. 

The next time I get all whiney about exercise, somebody remind me about this post. Which means I'll need that reminder tomorrow. 

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