Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cruise Control

My hubby recently earned himself a speeding ticket. While admitting that he was exceeding the speed limit by a considerable amount, he still was indignant. His comment was that he was simply keeping up with other traffic. 

Once I was finished giving him some good-natured harassment about the ticket, I started to think about the trouble one can find simply by matching your speed - of anything - to others. 

I may have the best intentions to know my activity limits and keep within them. When I am alone, it's pretty easy to stay within those speed limits.  But when I join a group of friends or family, those intentions get forgotten quickly. I get caught up in the activity levels of others, and in the enjoyment of time spent with others doing fun things, before long I inevitably have passed by my energy limits. The crash and burn that follows is not fun. 

I wish I had a cruise control that I could set for myself. 

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Anonymous said...

Well done on your blog, Julia!! I will enjoy checking in on you and your brood of fur, and Couch, of course. I especially identify with trying to keep up with the crowd, since I am in my later 30's and still raising younger kids. The world of healthy mommies spins around me while I try to remember what it was like to be that healthy. Take good care!