Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The View From Here

My couch and I are good friends. We spend quality time together every day. It's a great couch. Located under a large window facing our street, generously sized, and perfectly squishy, my couch provides the perfect spot to sleep if I want, or to just watch the world go by. 

My dogs and cats will usually pack themselves around me once I settle in for a rest. I think they have a bond of friendship with Couch, too. Certainly we have all left our own signatures behind on Couch, me leaving a permanent imprint of my backside on the cushions and my pets have probably left more fur there than I care to imagine.  

I have come to expect certain usual sights from my perch on Couch, but I have also seen some spectacularly entertaining things on occasion. 

I think my favorite of these was provided by the two boys that live across the street. They are active, bright, and very inventive young teenagers. One afternoon, after comfortably arranging myself for a snooze, I opened one eye when I heard a really strange metallic rumbling noise. A shiny metal trash can was lying on it's side on my neighbor's driveway. I sat up to look closer to identify the round plastic thing sticking out of the opening in the can. A bike helmet? Yes, it was, and it was attached to one of the neighbor boys. The can and it's contents were surrounded by three other boys who were busily coaching the kid in the bike helmet. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but it involved a great deal of gesturing and arm waving. 

A second later, the can got a shove, and it went rumbling down the steep incline of the driveway, with the boys running and laughing alongside. It wasn't clear whether the kid inside the can was joining in on the laughter. The can clanked down the drive, across the street, and onto an asphalt walking path, where it took another lengthy downhill roll.  I lost sight of the bike helmet as it crested the hill and made it's way down the path. 

I wondered if I should call 911 immediately. I pried a cat and one of the dogs off my lap and sat up. The laughing and rumbling returned, and I saw all of the boys, bike helmet kid included, run back up the driveway dragging the dented garbage can.  What a relief to see that all limbs involved seemed to be attached and working properly. 

I settled back to resume my nap, but after hearing new set of sounds from across the street, my curiosity got the best of me. I had to take another look. There seemed to be a flurry of activity and a new round of discussion as the can was lifted ONTO A SKATEBOARD and a different teen was strapping on the bike helmet. 

 I pulled the shade down over the window. 

Yes, all parties involved survived. Kids, Couch, and me. 

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