Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I have been seeing someone new. She is young and cute and has her own salon. Yes, the time has come to change my hair stylist. 

My buddy Susan has GREAT hair. It's in a simple yet classy style, and no matter when I see this woman, which is a lot, her hair always looks disgustingly good. Susan gave me this gal's number and I had my first consultation -  please - not appointment! - last month. 

I sat down in the styling chair. This is never a pleasant experience for me since the first thing stylists always do is take away my glasses and then slick my hair back away from my face. All I can see at that point is an amorphous beige and brown blob. 

I have such unrealistic expectations from a hair salon. This is not entirely my fault. You walk in and you're surrounded by pictures of gorgeous women all with gorgeous shiny perfectly coifed hair. You pick up their sample style magazines and page through volumes of more perfect heads. Without fail, after a few minutes, my eyes glaze over and I'm hopelessly sure that with the right haircut, I too will look like these models. Given my current state of affairs, this is a delusion of epic proportions. Trust me on this one. 

This stylist is impossibly energetic and chic. She is also very frank, which I think is a good thing. I asked her to give me style suggestions with no holds barred. She asks if there has been a time when I was comfortable with a hair style. I handed her my driver's license and timidly suggested like this again?......

She took the picture and gave it a quick glance, then tossed it back to me. "Absolutely not."

Well, I asked for it.

 I'll keep you posted. 

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