Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Brenda Doesn't Charge Nearly Enough

So, like most of us, during this weirdo pandemic, I have had to adapt to many things, like planning ahead and ordering groceries. And not spontaneously driving off in Sadie with Lulu bopping around in back seat looking for adventures which involve drive through windows and french fries.

And dealing with the fact that Lulu's awesome groomer, Brenda, is still not open for customers. Poor Lulu has been seriously shaggy, to the point that sometimes it is hard to see her little eyes through her overgrown eyebrows.

What an overgrown furry little canine. 

As a result, I have, with great reluctance, started to groom her myself. My goodness. This is very very hard work for both Lulu and myself.

Poor doggie.

I purchased an inexpensive grooming set online awhile back, and now have completed two sessions over the past several months, with, um.............interesting results.

Poor doggie.

The first attempt was a couple months ago, and took three days. It is HARD getting a trimmer through thick curly schnauzer fur. And then the ears? Are you kidding me? Our vet insists that all of the hair inside her little ears is removed to avoid recurrent ear infections. Then all that silky, tangled fur that grows from between and under her paws. Which tracks in mountains of dirt and mud and grass clippings. I still haven't worked up the courage to trim her nails that are colored black, which means it is impossible to tell where the nail ends and the quick starts. I would feel terrible if I cut it too far and she started to bleed. Owie.

And lets not even discuss trimming this dog's.....er....... nether regions. You know what I mean.

Poor, poor doggie.

Bless her little canine heart, Lulu has been remarkably patient with John and I as we struggle to minimize her overgrowth. I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of our scraggly first attempt, and was relieved when she eventually regrew most of her very unevenly cut coat. But the second time has gone somewhat better. It is still abundantly clear that a very amateur groomer has been manning the clippers and shears, but at least Lulu can be identified as a schnauzer. If one doesn't look too closely.

Oh my goodness. Those long little black nails.....

Just look at her woeful expression.Those poor little ears! 

When Brenda reopens her business, I am going to pay her far more than what she has been charging. She earns every penny.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today while finding out connections of more and more aches and pains are lumping into Sjogrens. My doctors are still scratching their heads. My most frustrating response is 'well thats interesting.' Really? I just told you I can't feel my leg sometimes or lift it and thats all you have to say? pfft. Its a breath of fresh air to read someone else has experienced similar things. ..though I probably will forget. Your Lulu is lovely. I used to have one named Jack, he was salt n pepper almost white by the time he moved on to the next world. At least it looks like you have a good view in lockdowns. I think I left the house once this year, but my garden looks great. ha ha. -Jenn

annie said...


You've done an amazing job with Lulu's grooming. My son is trimming his own hair and doing a great job, if I say so myself. I think this pandemic is bringing out hidden talents in many of us. He's also baking bread and making homemade pizza. We're also appreciating people / services we no longer have access to, and are eager to get back to "normal life".