Friday, June 26, 2020

All the way to heaven. --- Saint Catherine of Sienna

Is this not seriously weird times?  How are y'all feeling about the world we live in right now?

I'm feeling stressed, to be honest.......mostly due to the relentless inescapable presence of this pandemic. It is horrifying to watch the death toll of the virus mount to staggering numbers without any indication that it will slow any time soon, and to observe our world's best scientists and physicians still struggling to understand COVID19 and have yet to develop a vaccine.

My Bratty Inner Child Julia has retreated to some dark corner of my psyche, sucking her thumb while wrapped in her blankie.

BICJ looks a bit wobbly here. I had two cups of coffee before attempting to sketch her.

BICJ would normally be on a real rampage in the face of stress; baking chocolate cakes and indulging in massive retail therapy, for example. The fact that she's not has really taken me aback.

So I find myself looking for some kind of reassurance that all of this too shall pass. Which I know it will. We are resourceful intelligent beings. We will find a way to successfully manage this crisis, I know; we always have. I have a young friend who is a PhD working very hard in vaccine development. My sister manages drug and therapy studies for a large pharmaceutical company and has passed along encouraging very preliminary results of therapies to battle the virus.

I admire these folks tremendously, and if they are any representation of others working in their field, our future is safe in their very diligent, capable hands.

"All the way to heaven." --- Saint Catherine of Sienna

I came across this marvelous quotation from Saint Catherine of Sienna the other day, which made me pause and wonder. Are challenges, both large and small, what make life important? Do I need to view this experience as something from which I can learn?

Are there bits of heaven hidden in this global craziness?

I think I need to begin to look for those heavenly nuggets. Let me know if y'all find some.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Julia,
I am so happy that you are keeping this blog going. I've been reading your posts for several years now ever since I was diagnosed with Sjogrens. Anyways, it stinks that this is happening, but I am glad we can share our feelings about it. Maybe that way we can get ourselves out of the dark place. Life is really scary right now but I still hold out hope too. And maybe I have learned something about my own inner strength? We'll see!