Saturday, May 11, 2019

We Did it All

Frodeo is such a patient doggie.

Yeahhhh. I am happy to report that the Easter Ham-O-Rama was once again an unqualified success. The hams were smoked and voting took place on the two glazes, (the original whole mustard and honey won as usual)

the Easter eggs were hid and hunted:

 and yes! The Peeps were flung! But dang, the slingshot broke. Again. I shall resume my flinger quest.

Here John demonstrates technique and dictates contest rules in his official Peep flinging judge vest. 

After the guests and kids went home and John and I recuperated with happy contented sighs, we returned to our landscaping mission, namely ripping out dead and overgrown trees and shrubbery and tossing them in our burn pit. John of course does the lion's share of work. Here's my contribution to the effort. Daisy and I make such a great working couple. 

Like my cool chicken garden shoes?

Erm. I may possibly have a plastic wine glass containing a very small amount of a very nice Pinot Grigio in my hand, but not to worry. It was my one and only wine/Daisy experience and of course John was ready with his camera, the stinker. Bonus: I didn't drive myself over the cliff.

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