Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Peeps Simply Must Be Flung

Want to buy Peeps in bulk? Get 'em here. 

In a little less than a week, that awesome springtime holiday arrives that's one of my all time favorites: Easter.

And y'all know what THAT means, don't you?

Yes. It's time for the HAM-O-RAMA! And the annual tastiest ham glaze voting! More on that after the big dinner actually occurs. I shall report on the results next week.

But best of all? The after Easter dinner activity that we all do underthethreatofnodesserts happily to burn off some of that ham before we head for the sweets.

We do PEEP FLINGING. Oh, man. What fun. It has been one of my most favorite holiday games EVAR. It usually goes like this: players put a peep into a slingshot, and fling that sticky confection as far as they can. After everyone has a turn, Greg and John (complete with dayglow officiating vests) measure  carefully and deliberate thoroughly; after which they declare a winner. Who receives an impressive and highly coveted Dollar Tree trophy.

Yes. This sugar covered event is conducted outdoors. My lawn looks amazing with all those pastel chicks flung everywhere.

So our previous toy slingshot peep flingers finally broke, which meant that I was on a quest to replace them. I searched in vain for the same ones with no results, so instead I ordered up a couple of basic slingshots and presented them to the usual suspects -- Terese, Greg, and John -- during one of our weekly Friday night dinners. The guys took one look at the new weapons and seemed skeptical.

"Jul. These are meant for adults.....I don't think it would be such a good idea to arm several little boys with these high power slingshots. Things could get ugly real fast."

Dang. I didn't think about that. I just wanted some that wouldn't break any time soon.

Oh, c'mon. We'll supervise them really really carefully. Can't we put them through one of our research and development sessions? LET'S JUST TRY IT. Puhleeeze? 

The guys agreed with doubt and reluctance. So we trooped out to the front porch and I watched as John and Greg took turns loading up the slingshots. John let the first one fly with less than ideal results after the force of the shot ripped the yellow confection into pieces, leaving the pouch of the slingshot sticky with marshmallow and the other half of the candy blobbed onto my maple tree. It seemed that no matter what modifications we could make to the placement of the Peep into the weapon or in changes to technique, that Peep just wouldn't fly. We came up with some alternative ammunition: bunnies with parachutes, and squishy toy Easter eggs, but the game simply wasn't the same.

Sob. Bummer. So disappointing. I really, really want to have our Peep contest. I got my grandson a t-shirt that says Hanging With My Peeps and everything.

I found it on Amazon, of course. 

I'm on a quest to find a Peep friendly slingshot, or some other flinging device. Ideas, anyone? This thing HAS to happen.


Laura said...

What...what about those catapults made with spoons (maybe even plastic spoons)? Just give everyone a base to brace on and a spoon, peep in spoon, slam the base of the spoon down. Peep flies, spoon might fly....

Anonymous said...

Maybe something that shoots Nerf balls.