Saturday, October 6, 2018

A New Buddy

After we moved out into the country, John and I purchased a garden tractor and trailer. I've named her Daisy and wake up every day looking for a good excuse to drive her around. What a hoot.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Sometimes I let John drive her around, but mostly she's MINE.

Look at Lulu. She loves when Daisy and I are on the move. Lulu runs circles around us as we zip along. Poor puppy is exhausted by the time I'm done mowing the lawn but it's a happy-dog tired.

I was trying to figure out why I get such a charge out of my tractor, and I think one of the reasons is that when I fire her up and take off, I feel kind of invincible. And powerful. Daisy lets me do stuff that I would never ever consider doing without her. So there's the lawn mowing thing, sure. But with two and a half acres to take care of, there's always other things to do. Like hauling downed branches and pulled weeds over to the burn pit. And transporting our garbage and recycling containers waaaaayyyyy out to the designated spot on our road. She has power steering so maneuvering her doesn't take much of my energy and can turn on a dime.

We actually own five acres but only half of it is kind of flat. The other two and a half acres drops vertically down the mountain so we just let it do it's own nature thing. John keeps threatening to strap a climbing harness on and head down to the bottom of our property but I think that may not be such a good idea. I think that sitting on our deck with binoculars is a safer option, don't you?

Hm. Wonder how long it would take for Daisy and I to motor over to Terese's house?

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