Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Icing My Buns

As is my routine, I get the bursae in both hip joints injected every three months, and today was the day. Which meant putting my big old butt in bed with ice packs tucked in around the injection sites. I stay this way for much of the day in order to give my crabby inflamed trochanteric bursae a chance to settle down and behave themselves.

So while I'm cooling my jets, I cruise around Netflix to find a show upon which I can binge watch. My latest eye glueing series is the Great British Baking show, and for the most part I enjoy every minute watching amateur bakers commit the same kitchen blunders that I am so very capable of.

Well, except for the time that one lady stole another contestant's custard right out of the refrigerator. Can't say that I remember ever purloining someone else's patisserie staple.

More importantly, there's this ......... extremely annoying ...... thing in the show's opening sequence which I just have a really hard time with. Watch:

Did you see that?? Did you see that this baker's hand placed all of the raspberries on the top of that gorgeous chocolate cake EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE?  That hole where THE LAST RASPBERRY SHOULD HAVE GONE keeps me up at night.

What? You've never noticed that?


What has been seen can never be unseen.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

annie said...

Hey Julia,

I've just recently been told I have bursitis in one of my hips, and I'm waiting to see my rheumatologist to get a cortisone shot.

Once you start on cortisone, is it something you must continue, or does your bursitis eventually go away?

Hope you're better soon so you can enjoy your little one.