Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tell the Tooth

tooth image courtesy Wikipedia, here. 

Hi all. Reader Shara wants to know: have you had dental implants? What was your experience with them and do you feel they were worth the hefty cost?

What great questions, especially for those of us who are saliva-challenged and have all the dental problems that brings.

I have had two implants, the most recent about two years ago. I am very happy with the results but had to deal with two issues before I found my dental happy place:

First, the healing process was lengthy and inconvenient. I healed without incident but this required a few appointments which required coordination between the dental surgeon and my dentist. Much confusion arose over the temporary tooth (required while permanent prosthetic tooth was being made) but it eventually was found and inserted.

Second: the cost. Even with our insurance covering part of the cost, I was still floored at the resulting bill.

I think it was all worth it. The implant teeth are even better than my original ones. They are truly permanent, wahoo.

So. Have you had a dental implant?


Liz J said...

I have been quoted on one, and will need another. Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover anything towards it so it won't happen :(

Shara from Seattle said...

I need four of the darn things. Thanks for asking Julia.

Nicole said...

I got my first implant a year ago. It is great! I will need at least one more eventually due to still having a baby tooth. So far no Sjogren's tooth damage for me.