Saturday, January 6, 2018

Looking For a Great Rheumatologist

The Doctor by Luke Fildes found on Wikipedia

Over the last week or so, I have received three requests for the names of good rheumatologists in various cities.

Interesting. Typically I get one or two per year.

It is hard for me to address questions like this for lots of reasons. I do not share the name of my rheumatologist, Dr. Young Guy, because he asked me not to. I don't know any others in my area, either.

I sincerely wish that I could offer better answers because I understand how important it is to have really good care. The only thing that I can share that may be helpful at this point is the names of several Sjogren's centers around the US, which I shared in a previous post, Show Me The List. This post was written three years ago, so there may be other centers developed since. If you know of others, share and I will update the post.

Also, if you have an exemplary physician, and if you get permission to share her/his name on Reasonably Well, share in the comments section.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious why Dr. Young Guy doesn't want you to share his name? Is he not taking new patients? I love my current rheumatologist and found him through a client/friend who recommended him to me. I was in a pickle because my rheumy had lost his license - which was very shocking and I had seen another doctor but I didn't like her one bit - she rubbed me the wrong way from the get go. Word of mouth is a great way to find good doctors and stay away from the bad.

Nicole said...

I found my rheumatologist by contacting my local Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation support group leader. I was happy that she was able to recommend a doctor who was specifically knowledgeable about Sjogren's. The rheumy has been my doctor ever since. I would highly recommend this method. For those not in the US, the SSF also has a list with contact info for organizations in other countries. Sjogren's World is another good resource.