Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Again

Yes, it's me; your delinquent blogger.

Thank you to those who have sent me emails letting me know that I haven't fallen completely off their radar. Your good thoughts are enormously appreciated!

I have been spending lots of time in Wisconsin with my mom and siblings lately. Having just spent a month there, I returned back home for much needed hubby time as well as an appointment with Dr. Young Guy for a trochanteric bursa injection bringing blessed relief.

Tomorrow morning I head back to Mom-land. We placed Mom in a nursing home two weeks ago after she deteriorated quickly bringing hallucinations, delusions, panic attacks; all occurring only at night. She pleaded with us to "take me home!" Which proved to be far too much for our live in caregiver to handle. I foolishly thought that I could be helpful in taking every other night giving Isabel some much needed rest, but Mom's house is tiny. When Mom doesn't sleep -- no one sleeps.

It was so hard to feel so helpless in easing Mom's anguish. Poor dear.

Fortunately we were able to place her in respite care at a local hospital while our hospice team noodled though some pharmaceutical and behavioral strategies to help her. After placement in a small nursing home and some med changes, although still remaining very confused, she seems to be more at ease and content.

It appears at this point that we will not be able to bring Mom home again. So my task upon returning tomorrow is to continue to sift through 64 years worth of stuff stored in Mom and Dad's basement and to monitor the care provided to Mom at her nursing home. The current plan, assuming that Mom remains content and safe, is that I will be able to return home a few days before Easter.

As everyone of my age (fast approaching 60) knows, caring for elderly parents is one of everyone's major life tasks. It seems just crazy that I should be one of my family's oldest members!

It's a good thing that John and my siblings are so level headed and intelligent.


stephanie said...

So sorry about this Julia. I am in a similar boat as you (though less so, so far). I've decided that I do not like, AT ALL, the circle of life. Blessings and prayers to you and your family members. xoxo

Unknown said...

My comforting thoughts are with you and your family now Julia. Take care of yourself. <3<3<3

Shara from Seattle said...

Dear Julia and John,
Lot's of love, I thought as much when I stopped seeing your blog. My heart dropped for a minute because you were posting a death notice. I think about you often.I have seen you post to Facebook so it wasn't like you disappeared from the face of the planet. When you go through those 60 plus years of belongings, look up the dollar amount of those things you aren't going to keep and are worth on the West Coast market. If you need a reliable transport of large items, I have somebody on the east coast,shoot me an email.
My girl plans on going back to school to get a full time job and told me she won't be available to help me as much. Isn't that sweet? You raise them...

Laura said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this, and you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Liz J said...

Dear Julia ~ so sorry for what you are going through. Just turned 60 and we are in the same boat. You and your Mom are in my prayers. As an old friend would always say "Life is Hard"...YES, it is. Take care, Liz

Nicole said...

Julia, I feel for what you are going through. I have been through sundowning with my elderly friends and it is awful! So glad that you and the team have managed to get it under better control for her. And it sounds like you have made really good decisions for her care. Thinking of you as you go through all that stuff. Love and hugs!