Thursday, February 9, 2017

Let us all have a moment of silence...... reflect upon the demise of my beloved MacBook upon which the majority of Reasonably Well's posts have been written.

Yes, I am sad to report that my laptop has gone to that great computer heaven in the sky. So I am awaiting the delivery of a new Dell laptop (gasp! Not an Apple, I know!) with baited breath.

Will I be able to blog in Windows-land? Will my posts have a different tone arising from a different laptop? Will I ever get used to PC controls?!

Stay tuned.


Vickie Spires said...

May The Force be with you.

Marion said...

New challenges, but we have faith that you'll overcome!

Kelly said...

Julia, I found you again! Just in time to let you know I had the same problem going the other direction. I was a proud PC user when hubs decided we had to go Mac, All Mac and several years on I still miss my old Toshiba laptop and some of the Windows software I liked, but I'm here to reassure you I am still able to do everything I did before. Some things work better in each system, some worse but overall it's generally the same level of frustration/accomplishment. You'll adapt eventually.

It's good to see you're still blogging and doing Reasonably Well. I have some catching up to do...