Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tunnel Vision

Photo mine 

While I've been focusing solely on my issues and challenges, other people's lives just keep rolling along.

Gee. It's about time that I emerge from my tunnel vision and take note of the world around me.

For example: Anita, author of the blogs Sugar Spice and Spilled Milk and Anita Stafford, Writer, has been battling breast cancer since last October. Her treatment involves surgery and radiation therapy. I'm praying for a full recovery and cure for you, Anita! Let us all know how you are faring.

Autoimmune Gal has had a baby (CONGRATULATIONS!), which as everyone knows is a life changing event. Head over to her blog where she describes what it was like being pregnant and having an autoimmune disease, her experience during which she carried her baby and a stroller down twelve flights of stairs during a hotel fire, and life in general being an autoimmune mama.

Christine, author of the blog Thoughts and Ramblings on Life, Love, and Health has written several excellent posts which describe her journey towards acceptance of her autoimmune disease and life long chronic illness.

How about you? What's been happening in your life lately? Share in the comments section below.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

Awww, Julia, how sweet of you to think of me! I am doing very well. I've met many survivors, and I'm encouraged by their strength. This is a happy day because it's my last day of a 7 week course of radiation. I going to celebrate with a pedi and mani afterward. Your prayers are much appreciated! Hugs to you!

Nicole said...

I'm so happy that Anita is through her latest radiation course!

I am halfway through my student teaching. Although I am loving teaching, I admit that it's really hard. I have been flaring for the past month on and off. My salvation has been that we've had lots of snowdays when I could rest. We might have another this week but those will eventually come to an end. I live in the South and wonder how I will make it through a year when we have a warm winter! One step at a time.

Christine said...

Thank you for the mention! XX

Mary Meyer said...

Hi Julia - you have been in my thoughts a lot the last few weeks. I am doing well and am in the midst of a rheumatologist change here in Michigan. My beloved physician left the University of Michigan in December. I go for my follow up with Dr. Vivino in May. I am so glad that I see him for added peace of mind. Take good care of yourself dear friend. Sweet Bernie says hello as well.